Every home is a new opportunity to create a more attractive, more functional, more welcoming space. Here are what a few clients have to say about Terry Lamont

Easy to work with…

"Terry was easy to work with, keeping those elements we wanted to retain and incorporating new items and colors to give our space a fresh look. She personifies 'on top of things' and is very attentive to budget and quality. And all without any of the 'prima donna' attitude we've experienced with some other designers."

1929 Mediterranean home in Pasadena

Great recommendations…

"Thanks to Terry, my little house is coming together! She had great recommendations for paint colors, fabrics, window treatments, and decorative accents. Best of all, she didn't snicker at my Ikea bookcases!"

1938 Cottage-style duplex in Pasadena

An inspiration…

"What I like about working with Terry is that the spaces she's helped me create aren't so 'designer' that they don't seem like something I'd have done myself. But there's no way I could do it myself, that's for sure! She has a great eye for color and is excellent at space planning.

She adjusts her approach to consider the budget and how the space will actually be used and seeks to maximize livability. She also rolls up her sleeves (or climbs up on bookshelves, in my case) and has unending energy for projects, whether it's hanging pictures or re-arranging mountains of books. Terry is fun to be around and an inspiration to anyone she interacts with."

1946 Ranch home  in La Cañada-Flintridge

Business clients

"Terry's creativity and skill in wrapping our client gifts make for a gorgeous, memorable presentation. Clients put our gifts under their trees to open last! We always get lots of thank you's and compliments on the picture-perfect wrapping as well as the actual gifts. Terry is talented, practical, and a delight to work with. We love Lamont Design."

Doreen Chen, Partner

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